Broken // Bones

by Void Of Vision

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released October 30, 2014



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Void Of Vision Australia

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Track Name: Purge
I sit in silence with my thoughts
Hearing nothing but ignored voices screaming out for help
"We're living in the shadows of our future, why can't we find a light?"

Its just this self deceit, keeping me awake
Alongside this toxic remedy to keep me sane
After all it's the only thing I have
That's left worth holding onto

I'm trying to rid myself from this fear
It's become so indelible to my ears
But my insecurities will continue to emerge
From my beating heart, which is more than my own chest can hold

I was never built to last, to ride out the storm
Track Name: Dead-Eye (feat. Ryan Bowles)
The deepest darkness is taking its toll
Relive and follow these old memories on through the shadows all but on your own
On my own

Attempt to fill the void in your broken soul and mind, despite the pain, through all the fear inside
I know it's hard to face the truth
When all around we're being fed nothing but lies

Well I know this started
Only when it came to an end
All you did was try and send false hope out to the masses
they say it pains, but they'll never know the heartache of being able to breathe without you here.
We're only wishing back wasted time, if only you'd have chosen to stay by my side

If all my regrets could be retraced
I know I’d end up in the same fucking place.
There's no saving face, I've lost all complacency, of where I wished to be
I'm still lost and retracing

The time that I have spent just to forget you
I'm trying so hard to forget you
I tried to find the remainder of bliss in my life
I've been left with all these traces of self deceit
Myself, a broken boy cherishing these times of regret and anguish
I'm simply keeping the sickness inside
But I know that I will remember you

I will remember you
Track Name: Lifeblood
Welcome to my dreams
Waking up has never been so hard
Rest assured, I've never made it this far before
I fear and loathe how long we have left
Until its all done and gone

Bury me deep inside my faith
Then in a few years, release me from under the soil and dirt
In which I've concealed my entire life with
Waiting for a chance, a hint of hope
Now faced with life, unsure of everything

I wear the colours of a skeptical man
Black and grey, is all I see
Friends that I've lost
I'm trying hard to forget

I could've sworn that they said, they'd be here forever
But I know, they're still there watching me neck deep in failure
I'm fucking soaked to the bone

Heart on my sleeve, severed and worn
Replaced realism for bliss
I'll never trade it back
This is my everything
Track Name: Nightmare
My mind is at war with my thoughts
I feel vindictive to the fact that you've left me to work on my own two feet
And now I feel this way just know there's no turning back
What's done is done and I have

No remorse for your loathsome acts
They claw and claw through my mentality
Leaving me with the worst, how do I know what to believe in
When all I see is the lie you left me

And now these demons that I trapped underneath my skin are haunting me,
This very scene I bought upon myself

I said I was so fucking cold and I meant it,

There's no connection between our minds
Because you went and tore it apart
You broke me. Provoked me,
To justify a reason why I'm still here

My life, I'll take one step at a time, not knowing whats wrong or right, I'm waiting for a sign
The closer that you look, the less in time you'll see

Abandoned all that was left,
To break the mould inside my head
Your deceit, it will breed and ingest in me

What doesn't kill me makes me wish it did
What doesn't kill me makes me fucking wish it did
I'll wipe the doubt away and erase my mind
So fucking regretful of a life I've left behind
Set me straight
Track Name: Persist // Perceive (feat. Mason Bunt)
I'm stuck inside this hopeless cycle
Repitition will begin to get the best of me
And I'll continue as a slave to my own ego

Until I can find the courage to venture through the depths of my mind
Not finding anything but grief on the other side
Where I've chosen to roam and wander, wondering how I move on with validity, living with no vitality

This fear is the foundation of all my insecurities
The root of all my anger, despair and hostility

Yeah I refuse to allow myself to feel like this
I won't become useless, I won't become jaded
I'll turn my angst into what is best for me
Discover clarity

I'll keep breathing
I'll hold my head up with hope
I'm not drowning
I'm just sinking

This is solitary
A loveless tragedy